We at Bulgarian Real Estate are dedicated to provide friendly yet professional service for our clients, which we treat as individuals with neither advertising policy nor aggressive sales.
We are here to offer you personal assistance in obtaining properties that match your requirements and move to Bulgaria.
We would provide you with needed information and guidance, take care of all the necessary arrangements to make your move smooth and enjoyable

Our website aims to assist you with all aspects of purchasing a property in Bulgaria, as well as providing easy access to our selection of properties available in the area of Varna and the North Black sea coast. We have a daily process updating our website, so you can get the best choice.

We offer a complete cycle of SERVICES, which will make the procedure of purchasing a property much easier, starting from the very idea to buy a property until the moment it has already returned its value is now bringing you good income. Not only will we offer you the best, at the best price, we will also do everything it takes to make you feel comfortable and secure with your purchase.

We offer:

A wide range of properties within the area of Varna and the coast, carrying out property search, consultations, real estate evaluations, presenting you all the facts, giving you a wide choice and let you decide.

Assistance in the procedure of purchasing a property – full checking of the relevant property documentation, setting up company and successful completion of the sale.

Accounting and taxation services – preparing end of the year financial statementof your company, and advise you on any aspect of taxation, property tax,company accounting etc.

Building and reconstruction – we will follow you needs and offer you surveys, drawings plans, estimates control on build work and secure all to be completed within your budget and on time. We will supply you with up-to-date information about the current condition of your property, about the installments due to be paid on the different stages of completion, as well as decent and professional advice and answers to any questions arising during the construction process.
At a later stage we can offer you the possibility for a property purchased at the beginning of the construction to be re-sold when completed, generating as maximum profit as possible.

Furnishing of properties – together with our partners from Hestia Ltd we can turn your premises into a comfortable and cozy home, in compliance with the individual preferences of every client and at the same time with the required standards of relevant institutions observing the harmonization with the so-called comprehensive list for living accommodation in the residence.

Insurance and maintenance of properties – to feel more secure with your properties you can use our help and assistance, regardless of the location, keeping it in good condition and insured for your own piece of mind.

You are most welcomed to use our services and we wish to make the experience of buying or investing in a property from us at Bulgaria Real Estate or through us, as enjoyable as possible and giving you long term real and tangible returns in future.